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    O Captains! My Captains!

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    "I think that’s enough of your penny’s worth of psychology, Alfred."

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    Victory Girls. ca. 1918. Edward Penfield.

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  5. Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice.
    Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged. (x)

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    a potential character for a comic 

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    New episode of Gravity Falls TONIGHT!!

    This was my first episode as a board artist! I will post one of my sequences after the episode airs :D

    I think it was Alonso’s idea to put Soos in a traditional Japanese wedding robe. Not sure if that scene made it into the final cut?? But it was cute!

    From one of our best board artists, Sabrina Cotugno! 

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    Self-Portrait of the Artist, Benjamin West

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  9. Jodie Holmes + Hugs

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  10. Jules is a Keeper: Companions (DA2; Part 1)

    [ art not final ]

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    Nymph - Alphonse Osbert

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    IG: nbga_feingold


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    Memento Mori, Graphite & Digital Media, 11” x 17”, 2014.

    Remember that you’re only mortal, little knight. Prints here.

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  15. Rin and Sousuke: a different side of being best friends

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